Kootenay Kayaking Lessons

Who can? You can.

Sea kayaking is truly for everyone. And the professional guiding staff at Kootenay Kayak Company will prove it, in a snap.

Regarded as the most sea-worthy personal craft on the water, sea kayaks are easy to paddle, turn and stop. Within an hour even the most uninitiated paddler will be cruising, comfortably and confidently.

Kootenay Kayak Company offers lessons for first timers, intermediates and advanced kayakers (who'll be the first to Eskimo roll!?). Lessons are either two or three hours, or for those who want to learn the fundamentals of touring, all day.


Lesson Packages:

I. Introductory

Our introductory packages cover the basics. Learn your way around your kayak and paddling equipment, learn how to launch and land, basic stokes and standard rescue techniques.

From: $80.
Private lessons: $120.

II. Intermediate

For paddlers ready to tackle some new challenges. Learn basic stability strokes like the low and high brace, advanced maneuvering strokes, and the all important "hip snap" the key for braces and rolls.

From: $80.
Private lessons: $120.

III. Advanced

Wanna be cool? (In more ways than one!). Learn the Eskimo roll. There's no better way to chill out, impress your fellow paddlers or utilize your kayak's dynamic performance abilities than with an Eskimo roll. Using techniques that include advanced bracing, the hip snap and roll progression, our veteran instructors will give you all the basics you need to perfect this kayaking favorite. This lesson package is a great opportunity to fine tune your skills.

From: $80.
Private lessons: $120.

IV. Full Day/Touring

This lesson is a must for adventurous sea kayakers with a yen for expeditions and exploration. Our guides will provide thorough instruction on advanced strokes, weather evaluation, open water and shoreline travel, group safety, communications and rescue scenarios.

Seven hours. $138.

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